Canby Haunted House

Canby Haunt Poster
Friday, October 07

2022 sees the return of the Canby Haunted House, formerly Scare Fair, weekends in October. Get tickets here.

Knock Knock: Halloween! Reach back into Endless Time and harken Halloween braying at the Full Harvest Moon each year. Travel through Halloween’s Past; Survive 80’s horror film Trick or Treat houses. 1950’s Atomic Cold War bunkers. Clanking damp infested Castles. Raven haunted Graveyards gloomy. To Caves of dancing shadows where Kobolds and Spiders tell the first Scary Stories carried by the wind and smoke of primordial campfires.  Survive the Haunt. Survive the Night.  Halloween Comes and it waits for You at the Canby Fair grounds.

Haunt Jr: For Guests 12 and under & their families, Saturdays 7-8 pm is HAUNT JR, a more brightly lit, quieter, and friendly attraction to provide only laughter and delight.

Come to Canby Haunted House to survive all the Ghouls, Ghosts, and Shambling Horrors of Halloween & Trick or Treating Through the Ages!

Creatures of the Night presents the only customizable Haunted Attraction in Oregon.  Using the Creature Candle, YOU Raise or Lower Your Level of Scares and Fears. The Creature Candle provides safe passage making terrors and monsters scared of you. Turn the candle on and monsters shrink back and you have the power, or switch off to let the nightmares and screams run wild.

Come survive the night with us and celebrate the most beautiful glorious horrors of Canby Haunted House by Creatures of the Night & Clackamas Fairgrounds. for more details.