The Clackamas County Fair is organized as a family event and operated for educational purposes to encourage and promote agricultural, horticultural, livestock and other activities.

Per ORS 565, the Clackamas County Fair Board retains control and management of the Clackamas County Fair and the Fairgrounds at all times, and will have the right at all times to enforce the rules and regulations of any lawful authority relating thereto including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. The sale, consumption or possession of alcohol is prohibited in the Fairgrounds, except where sold by licensed personnel and so long as consumed within the confines of the Fair.
  2. Unauthorized carrying or discharging firearms or weapons of any kind is not permitted. Paintball, BB, pellet, air, blowguns, rocket slingshots, crossbows, martial arts weapons, fireworks, and explosives are prohibited on the Fairgrounds.
  3. Smoking or vaping is prohibited on the Fairgrounds unless in a designated smoking area.
  4. No noise-makers or sound-making devices such as whistles or air horns will be permitted on the property.
  5. No glass containers may be brought into the Fairgrounds.
  6. No pets are allowed into the Fairgrounds with the exception of licensed service animals.
  7. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades or scooters are not allowed within the Fair. A bike storage area(s) is provided on the south side of 4th Avenue for visitors who ride to the County Fair.
  8. No use or operation of drones or other radio controlled aircraft on the Fairgrounds unless pre-approved by Fair Management.
  9. No person shall engage in disorderly conduct, fighting, vandalism, illegal activity or engage in anyother conduct which may be reasonably expected to substantially interfere with the use and employment of the buildings, structures, facilities or property or which may otherwise constitute a general nuisance.
  10. No person shall engage in foul, obscene or abusive language or actions.
  11. Personal motor vehicles, including golf carts, must be parked in designated areas and operation is restricted in areas of the midway or in pedestrian travel areas during Fair hours of operation.
  12. Camping is prohibited in the Fairgrounds, except in areas designated by Fair Management and by permit only.
  13. The Clackamas County Fair Board will use all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the animals, exhibits, exhibitors, and fair patrons, but under no circumstances shall The Clackamas County Fair Board be responsible in any way for any loss, injury to any person exhibiting, assisting with or attending the Fair.
  14. The Clackamas County Fair Board or Executive Director have the right to eject any and all persons who fail or refuse to comply with the rules and regulations covering entry to the Fair and use of the Fairgrounds or who otherwise violate any laws, rules, ordinances or regulations of local, state, or federal government.
  15. Staff and volunteers shall not accept or encourage any special considerations, discounts or free merchandise or food from any of the food or commercial vendors.
  16. No politicking, campaigning or circulating of petitions is permitted in the Fair outside of the area(s) designated by Fair Management.
  17. Solicitation of merchandise, handing out of fliers, pamphlets or other information, merchandise, food or beverage is not allowed outside of designated vendor spaces. A vendor space must be rented and a valid agreement for the current Clackamas County Fair must be in place with Fair Management.

Any person violating any of the prohibitions enumerated above or laws shall not be allowed to remain in or on the Fairgrounds and may be subject to exclusion, fine and/or criminal prosecution.

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