What are the categories for entering non-livestock items? 

There are many departments to capture most all categories:

    • Kitchen Cupboard
    • Agriculture
    • Quilts
    • Hobby Hall
    • Art
    • Floral
    • Textiles
    • Photography


Where do I find information on these departments?

            On our home page, go to FAIR, then CREATIVE EXHIBITS.

How do I enter my items?

    • Find the Creative Exhibit department you wish to enter in.  Click on exhibitor handbook.
    • Find the correct division and class for the item(s) you wish to enter.  Go to the online entry form for that department, and complete the entry and submit.
    • Please refer to the “online entry tutorial” for assistance with your entry form, if necessary.

Can I bring in and enter my items on the intake days and not fill out the online entry form?

No, we are sorry.  Items MUST be entered online, and then brought in on “item intake days.”         

How do I enter my vegetables or flowers online, if I don’t know if they will be ready to harvest by the “item intake date”?

Do your online entry with what you believe you will want to enter.  If your item is not ready to harvest by the date items are to be brought in, it is easy for us to delete that from your entry form on “item intake day.”   

Is there a limit to the number of items I can bring in for a department?

Yes, some departments may limit the number of entries.  Please refer to the individual department exhibitor handbook to see if there is a limit.

What are the “item intake dates” and times?

Please refer to the department exhibitor handbook to see which date and time for the department you will be entering in.

When can I pick up my entries and any premium award money?

Entries and premium award money can be picked up on Sunday, August 18th.  Check the exhibitor handbook for the pick up times for the department you entered in.  If you can not make it on Sunday, you are able to pick up your items and award money, up to and NO LATER than August 31st.ehibitor 

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